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Animation: Kari Traa

When the sports wear brand Kari Traa launched their new collection of sports bras, we made a series of short animations with relevant «boob facts». Such as joggers nipple, stressed boobs and wearing the right cup size.

Animation: Norwegian Health Network

We made a short animation to present the video service of Norwegian Health Network through examples of use. The animation is used on conferences and on the web.

Animation: ultrasound technology

Trondheimsregionen (The Trondheim Region) asked various local production companies to make short films that present Trondheim as the technology capital of Norway. We decided to make a short scribble animation about the central role Trondheim has played in the development of ultrasound technology.

Character design: Agent RRR

Agent RRR is an animation web series in six episodes with caricatures of Norwegian sports, culture and political celebrities. The show was developed by the production company Ferrytale. ablemagic did all the artwork.    

Design: E.C. Dahls

Since January 2015, we have been working with the new E.C. Dahls Brewery, in collaboration with Bodil Mostad Olsen. We have developed concepts, storytelling, design and illustrations. We have also fascilitated creative workshops in Brooklyn, Trondheim and Oslo.

Digital play: Kosmokids

Our two year collaboration with Kosmorama International Film Festival has lead to two magic Kosmokids events. In 2016 we let the kids explore and play with Japanese animation characters. In 2017 they got to build their own robots on the touch screens and send them off to work in the animated Candy Factory on the big screen. Kosmorama was in fact the debut arena for our touch screen installation – since the summer of 2017 known as the Munti Box. The box was created in collaboration with industrial designers from Eggs Design. https://vimeo.com/210222626  

Digital play: Munti Magic

Through Munti Magic we offer unique digital activities made especially for public spaces. Because kids love to play, learn, create and explore together. And because waiting time is playtime! Munti Magic will be available on the Munti Box, App Store and Google Play. https://vimeo.com/229545635

Digital play: PILOTINI

Pilotini is a coloring activity with planes, helicopters, air balloons and other flying objects. Here kids can color on paper, scan their drawings on a custom made scanner and see them come to life on the big screen. Or they can color on the touch screen, send  their figure to the big screen and then trigger animations on the big screen by tapping the touch screen.

Educational app: WhatBird

WhatBird is an app for smartphones that will help you recognize birds by their song. You record a singing bird with your phone. If the app recognizes the bird, the recording stops, and you get one or more suggestions to what species it may be. Then you compare your recording with the song of the suggested species. Do they match? The purpose is not to always give the correct answer, but an indication that may help you find out what kind of bird you have heard. WhatBird has more than 80 000 downloads so far! The app is developed in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Norwegian Environment Agency. www.whatbird.no    

Game: Bub

Bub was the first mobile game we made – in 2010. And it is still one of our most popular games. This is a puzzle-adventure, where you use your bubble to collect everything from popples and fizbos to zing and jello – on your quest to make wonderful seedcrackers and to reach new forests! On your way you must avoid Suggerbabies, Swingers and Zanpets, who are all trying to break your bubble!    

Game: Hard Rocket

A retro inspired side scrolling game in shoot’em up style for smartphones and tablets. Join glam-rocker Rudy on his journey through a rocky planet and help him fight deadly alien creatures. Get to the top of the global or national high score list or compete with your friends by creating your very own custom list.      

Game: Hit the Road

Hit the Road is a casual color- and rhythm game for mobile platforms. Curious Mr. Cane is on a never ending tap trip around the world. Music is what keeps him going, and he needs you to get in the beat to create a fuller sound experience!    

Game: SpinTrip

A mysterious world, unforgettable characters and a soothing soundtrack highlight this distinct platformer. You have been sent on a quest by the wise old sage. The evil Gants have stolen her magical Shims and it’s up to you, a little ’tisu, to get them back. Equipped with your wheel and the mysticalpower of the Chibs, embark on a fantastical adventure across the worlds of Canoo, Groundedwoods and Dreamsky!    

Games: Norwegian predators

ablemagic has made three different games for Namsskogan Rovdyrsenter (National Center for Norwegian Predators), where you learn about the various predators in Norwegian fauna: Villmarka, Redd Fjellreven and Oppdrag Rovdyr. You can try all the games here. (We recommend that you use the Firefox or Safari browser.)  

Illustrated children’s book

Sukkerkok i Hodet is an illustrated children's book about the building blocks that our bodies get from food, by medical and nutrition expert Berit Nordstrand. ablemagic have done all the illustrations and design, and have also contributed in development of story.

Kids app: Bruno

Digital Ehon Award winner 2015! Bruno is a beautiful picture book about the little boy Bruno and his grandfather, the painter, and what we do to make the people we love happy. When Bruno's grandpa loses inspiration and refuses to paint, Bruno travels the town in search of a new color. Norwegian and English text and voice. Contains also jigsaw puzzle and a coloring activity.    

Kids app: Napoleon

Esther is going to bed, but first she has to find her dog Napoloen! This kids app is a charming combination of bedtime story and digital hide and seek. You use your finger to steer the light beam and explore what’s hidden in the dark house while looking for the dog that keeps running away. Napoleon is developed also for the Apple TV, where you use the remote as flashlight.    

Kids app: SmallBird

Inspired by the enormous response to our birdsong recognition app WhatBird (available only in Scandinavia so far) we have created a brand new bird-app for kids! WhatBird’s baby brother is called SmallBird (available in all territories). Here children can learn how to recognize birds by both color and song. Or they can create their own fantasy bird with the head of one species, the body of another and tail of a third.    

Kids app: The Nose

The Nose is a digital children's book about a lonely nose. What happens when the Nose wakes up all alone? Help him find the eyes, ears and mouth! This is an enjoyable interactive book for the youngest, and a fun way to learn about the senses. The book also includes a jigsaw puzzle and other amusing activities. Norwegian and English text and voice. Read by Kristofer Hivju.    

Kids app: Time Travel Trondheim

This digital history book is an exciting travel through Trondheim's 1000 year old history. By means of an interactive time line you can travel through the centuries, and make the city develop before your eyes. The app contains also a treasure hunt with GPS-location where you have to move through the actual city to collect virtual gold coins. Text and voices are in both Norwegian and English.      

New technology: HemsWeather

ablemagic was asked by the Norwegian Air Ambulance (Norsk Luftambulanse) to develop a system for weather surveillance for helicopter pilots. Hemsweather consists of outdoor camera rigs placed on important locations all over Norway. These take pictures in all directions every 15 minutes and report these to a central server. The registered weather data is presented both on the web and in an app that we developed for helicopter pilots.