Digital play

Digital play: Munti Magic

Through Munti Magic we offer unique digital activities made especially for public spaces. Because kids love to play, learn, create and explore together. And because waiting time is playtime! Munti Magic will be available on the Munti Box, App Store and Google Play.

Digital play: PILOTINI

Pilotini is a coloring activity with planes, helicopters, air balloons and other flying objects. Here kids can color on paper, scan their drawings on a custom made scanner and see them come to life on the big screen. Or they can color on the touch screen, send  their figure to the big screen and then trigger animations on the big screen by tapping the touch screen.

Digital play: Kosmokids

Our two year collaboration with Kosmorama International Film Festival has lead to two magic Kosmokids events. In 2016 we let the kids explore and play with Japanese animation characters. In 2017 they got to build their own robots on the touch screens and send them off to work in the animated Candy Factory on the big screen. Kosmorama was in fact the debut arena for our touch screen installation – since the summer of 2017 known as the Munti Box. The box was created in collaboration with industrial designers from Eggs Design.