New technology

Digital play: Munti Magic

Through Munti Magic we offer unique digital activities made especially for public spaces. Because kids love to play, learn, create and explore together. And because waiting time is playtime! Munti Magic will be available on the Munti Box, App Store and Google Play.

New technology: HemsWeather

ablemagic was asked by the Norwegian Air Ambulance (Norsk Luftambulanse) to develop a system for weather surveillance for helicopter pilots. Hemsweather consists of outdoor camera rigs placed on important locations all over Norway. These take pictures in all directions every 15 minutes and report these to a central server. The registered weather data is presented both on the web and in an app that we developed for helicopter pilots.

Educational app: WhatBird

WhatBird is an app for smartphones that will help you recognize birds by their song. You record a singing bird with your phone. If the app recognizes the bird, the recording stops, and you get one or more suggestions to what species it may be. Then you compare your recording with the song of the suggested species. Do they match? The purpose is not to always give the correct answer, but an indication that may help you find out what kind of bird you have heard. WhatBird has more than 80 000 downloads so far! The app is developed in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Norwegian Environment Agency.